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Re: x11-links

Robert Swindells <> writes:

> What should go in a pullup request for pkgtools/x11-links ?
> The pkgsrc-2019Q2 branch is at 1.19.
> We need the change that went in 1.22 to make devel/cairo build on
> NetBSD-9.
> The changes in 1.20 and 1.21 are not important.
> Do we pull up all three changes to keep the version numbers in sync
> or doesn't this matter ?

It seems really messy to just pull up part of the changes, especially
since there is a version number involved.

One question is: are you sure, that if x11-links in 2019Q2 is made to
match head, that there will be no breakage on any place it works now?
If so, seems fine to pullup.

The other question is if we want to worry about netbsd-9 and -current on
branches, but I tend to say yes.

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