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Re: python 2.x

Back at pkgsrc-2018Q4 (IIRC), I set PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT=36 and that
has been working out quite well.  I would have gone for 37/3.7 but
"libreoffice" claims not to be able to use it and I'd rather keep the
number of python versions installed to a minimum.  Until that changes,
I'd suggest python36 for the default (most packages with the least
versions of python).

The only glitch I've encountered is 'pkg_rolling-replace' complaining
about various "py36-foo" packages needing to be updated but are missing
(only the py27-foo versions were built as dependencies of one or another
package).  An exclusion list with "-Xpy36-foo,py36-bar,..." keeps it
rolling along.

I hope more of the stragglers that currently claim to be unable to deal
with python3.x will be updated soon.

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