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Mysterious dependency on x11/libdrm, explained.

While test-building current pkgsrc, I get errors from many graphics

===> wrapper-message [cairo-1.16.0 pango-1.42.4nb3 dia-0.97.3nb11] ===> Creating toolchain wrappers for cairo-1.16.0
ERROR: libdrm>=2.4.60 libdrm>=2.4.15 is not installed; can't 
buildlink files.
*** Error code 1
I have a note somewhere:

    # graphics/MesaLib requires libdrm 2.4.38 but doesn't depend on it?

That seems to be still true?  (modulo the version number)

After some staring, I see what's causing the dependency on drm.
In graphics/MesaLib/ there is
    .if ${X11_TYPE} == "native" && ${OPSYS} != "Cygwin" && exists(${X11BASE}/lib/pkgconfig/dri.pc)
    PKG_BUILD_OPTIONS.MesaLib+=     dri
    .if !empty(PKG_BUILD_OPTIONS.MesaLib:Mdri)
    .  include "../../graphics/MesaLib/"
the first block adds dri to PKG_BUILD_OPTIONS.MesaLib and the second one
pulls in, which in turn has (slightly conditionally)
    .    include "../../x11/libdrm/"
Since I had already found that GL, dri, gle and glu should all come from
the same source (native or package), I also have this in my mk.conf:
    PREFER.libdrm = pkgsrc  # req'd by MesaLib
    PREFER.MesaLib = pkgsrc
    PREFER.glu = ${PREFER.MesaLib}  # automatically correct for most; req'd for xscreensaver = ${PREFER.MesaLib}  # req'd by xscreensaver
    # GL (MesaLib), gle and glu should generally match up, PREFER-wise.
but nowhere in the Makefiles it states the actual dependency of MesaLib
on drm.

So, now I manually installed libdrm, and cairo starts building.

At the moment I'm guessing that the dri option in MesaLib only adds some
files that are used by the X server, not by X clients. I base this on
the file names in the PLIST, for instance:


and the base system is at


So I likely won't miss anything if I build MesaLib without dri.

Open question: how to make this consistent? MesaLib built without libdrm
present, so I guess it doesn't really depend on it, so the buildlink
dependency should somewhow be removed?

(edited from irc #pkgsrc)

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