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Re: wip/librsvg (rust): failure in link step

Some notes I had, to consider further investigation:

(1) rsvg_internals/Cargo.toml, there are several types of crate-type
that can be used.  I am not sure I tested all.

(2) the functions that appear in errors, when inspecting 'readelf -a' function appears in .dynsym and .symtab

comparing to
functions appear in .dynsym, .symtab and .rela.plt.

(3) .work.log suggests some unusual linker flags like --gc-sections and
a version script.
A version script can make some symbols hidden.
However they are temporary files and deleted (-save-temps might be
usable somehow)

(4) it fails outside of pkgsrc too

(5) Some of the rust link flags originate from
where other OSes appear, for comparison.

All of the testing is on NetBSD.

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