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Re: Package optimizations

On Mon, 10 Dec 2018 at 16:31, <> wrote:
> following up:
> there's some discussion about whether we should allow packages to have
> their own optimization flags.

Is the default case for a package itself to know what is the best
optimisation option, or is the default case for packages to pick
"generic optimisation" where a good pkgsrc default can win over the

An all singing dancing option might be:
- a per package flag, the semantics of which are "this package knows
how to make good optimisation choices which will not lock it to a
specific CPU sub family"
- a pkgsrc option for "compiler optimisations" (defaults to added to
CFLAGS for packages which do not set the above)
- a pkgsrc flag for "no, I really know what I'm doing re
optimisations, override for all packages"

But as to whether its worth the work...


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