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Re: ham/gr-fcdproplus does not build - dropping from gr-osmosdr

I haven't had a chance to compile this in several months
but I hit the same swig error according to my notes:


  gr-osmosdr depends on gr-fcdproplus

  hit various problems with python3
  python2.7 still fails:
  bmake[2]: bmake[2]: don't know how to make swig/ Stop

and didn't have a fix in my tree.

So yeah, your solution seems ok to me until we can get to the bottom
of the problem.


Greg Troxel <> writes:

> (maintainer is pkgsrc-users, and the above and I are the unofficial ham
> radio maintenance group)
> ham/gr-fcdproplus does not build (netbsd-7 i386), with a swig error that
> is not immediately obvious how to fix.  It's out of date, but I'm not
> sure of the interactions with gnu radio versions.  So, fixes welcome as
> always, but this seems unlikely to be fixed before the freeze.
> gr-osmosdr depends on it, but doesn't have to.  So for now, I propose to
> just drop the dependency, to get a number of packages to build.
> Longer term, gr-fcdproplus needs to be updated, and then when it builds
> ok it can get added back.
> Objections (with alternative plans), or explanations as to why I'm
> confused?

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