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dragonfly patches, upstreaming, PR 47042

I just updated libusb1, and had to hand-adjust two dragonfly support
patches.  That wasn't hard, but they really should have been submitted
upstream sometime in the last 6 years:

I then saw that the package is marked not to build on dragonfly,
apparently at the request of dragonfly people, and there's a notion of
leaving the patches because they are harmless.  However, today they were
not actually harmless, because they didn't apply cleanly to libusb

I have not seen a lot about dragonfly on the list.  So I wonder:

  Is anybody working on dragonfly support for pkgsrc?

  Would any subset of those like to upstream these patches (and file the
  upstream URL in our patch file)?

  Is anybody using pkgsrc on dragonfly?

  Is there any reason, given the dragonfly request about libusb, not to
  just drop the patches and close 47042, as no longer relevant?

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