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Re: Window manager duplication (icewm, bb*)

On Tue, 30 Oct 2018, at 21:03:30 +0700, Robert Elz wrote:
>   Date:        Tue, 30 Oct 2018 11:34:39 +0100
>   From:        Benny Siegert <>
>   Message-ID:  <>
>  | Why do we have wm/bbpager and wm/bbkeys in two versions?
>They match the two versions of wm/blackbox (which is in the same state).
>  | Is anyone actually using these old versions, or can they go?
>For a while (until its recent update) when blackbox70 was unbuildable
>in pkgsrc (at least on some systems) I was using blackbox (and hence
>needed bbkeys rather than bbkeys09) ... I still install both versions of
>bbkeys and check the installed blackbox version to work out which one
>to actually use (I no longer remember if installing both together required
>surgery to the packages, but I suspect it might have).

I'm one of those hold-outs who's been using the 0.65 version all this
time, though I'm not advocating it should stay if I'm the only one.
My reasons are/were: 0.70 didn't seem to build reliably (see below),
and (more superficially) I didn't like that it was missing all the
themes I preferred from 0.65 and earlier. (Though, 0.70 has a bug fix
that I'd reported to its original developer that 0.65 doesn't. And I
see the newer version of the package has those old themes restored,

The other advantage 0.65 has for those with vintage hardware is that
it has much more modest dependencies. 0.70+ pulls in perl, gsed, all
the auto* tools, etc. to build, where 0.65 doesn't.

>bbpager I don't regard as useful in any version, so that one doesn't
>bother me ...

(And there's also the old, duplicate version of bsetroot as well.)

>Now blackbox70 is buildable (and working well) again, the old ones
>should no longer matter.

The present state of the package actually doesn't build on NetBSD,
I've provided a fix there, though I'm not sure that's the optimal
approach, there may be others.

Having said that, does that mean your PR about blackbox70 not building
can be closed now?

Also, having built blackbox70 with my workaround, I'm finding it has
garbled fonts where the 0.65 version does not. I haven't worked out
why that is yet (i.e., perhaps there's some local issue on the
machine in question).



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