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Re: +REQUIRED_BY files can get out of sync (was Re: Permanent fix for vim?)

On 18/07/18 13:40, David H. Gutteridge wrote:
> I'm aware of one such repeatable issue, which is an interaction
> between pkgtools/osabi and pkgtools/x11-links.

> It can be demonstrated by this sequence:


I can generalize this to any set of packages that have an upper bound on
the required package version that you then use "make replace" to go
beyond that version of the required package, then replace the requiring
package.   The required package will end up with both the old and new
versions of the requiring package in its +REQUIRED_BY file.

  vim-share at 8.0.1428
  vim-gtk2 at 8.0.1428nb2  (requires vim-share-8.0.1428{,nb*})

  make replace in vim-share to go to version 8.1.0061
  make replace in vim-gtk2  to go to version 8.1.0061nb4
   at this point vim-share will have both vim-gtk2-8.0.1428nb2 and
vim-gtk2-8.1.0061nb4 in its +REQUIRED_BY file.


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