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Re: What to do about github (dynamic) downloads

"J. Lewis Muir" <> writes:

> There are probably at least two kinds of downloads available from
> GitHub, then.  (There may be more; I don't know.)  I don't know anything
> about this dynamic packaging via, but I do know that
> GitHub has the concept of a "release" for which the project owner can
> provide links to binary files.  See:
> Google's Protobuf project, for example, uses this:
> There's a "Downloads" section for each release which contains links to
> many binary files (e.g., .tar.gz, .zip).  I'm 99% sure these are not
> dynamically generated on the fly; they're just binary files available
> for download.
> So, if there would be any avoidance policy, I think it should be at a
> finer-grained level than the service level.  In other words, binary
> files associated with a GitHub release should be fine.  They are
> different from whatever these dynamically generated archives are from

Thanks - that's useful to understand.

I wonder if we are having problems with things that are actually
"releases".  One of the problems of the modern condition is people
thinking that software doesn't need releases, and this could all be a
symptom of that.

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