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Re: perl on VAX

Certainly. My packages are build with $LOCALBASE set to /usr/local, BTW:

This is the happy one. The unhappy one needs to be recompiled (I'm not sure
I ever kept the package). I'll also keep the work directories and will
upload them when they're done.

Here's the unhappy one and the work directory from it:

Now, although I still get text relocations warnings, the floating point exceptions are gone.


nm /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.26.0/*-netbsd-thread-multi/auto/POSIX/ |grep strto
0000b50a T XS_POSIX_strtod
0000b84e T XS_POSIX_strtol
0000b6ac T XS_POSIX_strtold
0000ba80 T XS_POSIX_strtoul
         U strtod
         U strtol
         U strtold
         U strtoul

The VAX that compiled this is a 4000/90 with 128 megs, which means it's very fast. The VAX compiling perl with debug options is a 4000/60 with 72 megs, so it's still going. Will report back tomorrow. Or Tuesday. We'll see.


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