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~4000 packages failing on my own bulk build


for quite a while, I'm running my own pkgsrc builds with the same setup, using
pbulk and the following mk.conf[1]. To avoid noise, let me point out that I
also tried the following without the `distcc' part.
Since pkgsrc-2014Q3, the bulk build is starting at ~4000, so I guess something
went wrong on the scanning process, and many critical packages (cairo for
instance) are not built anymore, leading to many `indirect-prefailed'.
I guess something is wrong in my setup now, but I can't figure out how to debug
it, any idea anyone?

The resulting bulk report is available here:

[1]: mk.conf

MAKE_JOBS=      16
PKGSRC_COMPILER=        ccache gcc

WRKOBJDIR=              /scratch
PKGSRCDIR=              /usr/pkgsrc
DISTDIR=                /distfiles
PACKAGES=               /packages

FAILOVER_FETCH=         yes
MASTER_SORT=            .fr .be .de .fi .es

SKIP_LICENSE_CHECK=             yes

PKG_DEVELOPER?=         yes

.for DISTCCDEPS in devel/ccache sysutils/checkperms pkgtools/digest devel/distcc devel/popt devel/libtool-base lang/f2c devel/gmake
.       if defined(PKGPATH) && ${PKGPATH} == ${DISTCCDEPS}
.       endif

PKG_OPTIONS.irssi=      perl inet6
PKG_OPTIONS.mplayer=    oss

PKG_OPTIONS.dspam+=     graphs
PKG_OPTIONS.dovecot=    ssl ldap dovecot-sieve dovecot-managesieve
PKG_OPTIONS.nagios-nrpe=ssl tcpwrappers
PKG_OPTIONS.screen+=    ncurses
PKG_OPTIONS.nginx+=     naxsi dav realip sub spdy luajit echo set-misc headers-more array-var encrypted-session form-input
PKG_OPTIONS.sendmail+=  inet6 sasl tcpwrappers tls
PKG_OPTIONS.alpine+=    ldap
PKG_OPTIONS.openssh+=   pam

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