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Re: pkgsrc/audio/pulseaudio stability improvement

From: Thomas Klausner <>, Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2014 
22:03:28 +0200

> On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 01:36:17AM +0900, Ryo ONODERA wrote:
>> pkgsrc/audio/pulseaudio under NetBSD uses OSS backend (dev/sound).
>> But I have found using /dev/sound causes bad audio output.
>> Using /dev/audio improves quality of audio output.
>> Can I commit the following patch during freeze?
> I've tried this patch, and it doesn't change anything for me.

On my machine, it becomes sane...

What is exact version of your NetBSD?

Here is mine (userland is also built from same source tree).

NetBSD 6.99.44 NetBSD 6.99.44 (DTRACE3) #0: Mon 
Jun 16 23:09:02 JST 2014

PGP fingerprint = 82A2 DC91 76E0 A10A 8ABB  FD1B F404 27FA C7D1 15F3

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