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Re: [meiwaku] binary pkg "variants" ?

Fredrik Pettai wrote:
| I noticed the way MacPorts done it and it looks reasonable ok. They name the
| package "variants" as: pkgname @version+option(s). Perhaps pkgsrc could name
| those alternative bin pkgs as: pkgname+option(s)-version ?

Anthony Mallet wrote:
| I also did that in robotpkg (
| Binary packages are named according to the following scheme:
| $PKG_OPTIONS are joined with the "+" char.
| Patches 1 & 2 are just code refactoring, patch 3 implements the real stuff.
| There is my git commit message in the patch, hopefully explaining what is
| implemented.

On Tuesday, at 13:22, Ryo ONODERA wrote:
| Another freeze has started...
| What is the stopper of this change.
| If there is no stopper, please commit just after freeze end.


Last time this was discussed, I more or less understood the conclusions as:
 - This functionality is not really needed
 - The efficiency of my proposed implementation is questionable (scalability,
   in particular)

Which are both valid points. Here is the thread:

But I'm ready to discuss this again :)

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