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Re: NetBSD 5 package status

On Wed, 04 Jun 2014 21:47:35 +0900, Greg Troxel <> 

Manuel's bulk reports for 2014Q1 show the following packages with lots
of consequences (plus math/blas on amd64):

x11/gtk3                                 406

Builtin X11 is too old for gtk3.
Conversely, builtin X11 is sufficient unless using gtk3.
Unclear point is
 * inputproto>=2.0 is required to build
 * libXi is also required (no version specified, buitin one is sufficient)
   * libXi require inputproto to build, and also in
For such case, buitin libXi should be used or pkgsrc one?
(currently, pkgsrc one will be selected)

devel/boost-libs                         325

Builtin GCC is too old?
We can also find some packages that GCC_REQD is set higher than NetBSD 5
builtin gcc.
USE_PKGSRC_GCC should be set for NetBSD 5?

audio/pulseaudio                         302

x11 option is enabled by default, but it require x11-xcb,
but it is not in NetBSD 5 builtin X11.

Same as gtk3, libX11 from pkgsrc must be used, i.e. almost of
builtin X11 will not be used.
gtk3 and pulseaudio will be mixed used with other package depending on X11.
So if gtk3 and pulseaudio are built with libX11 from pkgsrc,
other package (gtk2, and so on) also must be built with libX11 from pkgsrc.

In desktop related packages (x11, gnome, and so on), we can find that
many BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS are defined individually.

Should we bump BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.pkg defined in pkg/

Is it realistic approach to still support pre-modular monolithic old X?

Should we allow partial packages with builtin X11, or should we set
required version (BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS) consistently for whole
pkgsrc tree?

OBATA Akio /

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