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MesaLib failing on netbsd-5, still, moving to X11_TYPE=modular

<with individual developer hat on only>

Earlier I brought up switcing netbsd-5 to X11_TYPE=modular.  People said
that it was unfortunate that pkgsrc/netbsd-5/X11_TYPE=native didn't get
along, and I agreed with that sentiment.  We had a lot of churn, I think
not really about MesaLib, and I thought this was fixed.  But bulk builds
are showing that MesaLib is still not building ok, and they are what

So I'd like to switch netbsd-5 to X11_TYPE=modular, unless someone would
like to fix it (well before the next branch*, and likely with a pullup
to the current branch).  I understand the desire to use native X, but
it's IMHO far more important to have a non-broken branch.

* I view flipping netbsd-5 to modular as a minor issue that only affects
  netbsd-5.  On the other hand, generally rototilling X11 stuff in
  pkgsrc at or just before branch time is destabilizing.

Please let us know if you are working on fixing MesaLib.  If you have an
argument for why, if MesaLib isn't fixed, netbsd-5 shouldn't move to
modular, please explain.  I'd like to see some motion by 5/1, so that we
can work through several sequential problems before we run up against
the next branch deadline.

From: Charlie Root <>
Subject: pkgsrc-2014Q1 NetBSD 5.1/x86_64 2014-04-14 14:53
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 20:39:57 +0000 (UTC) (3 hours, 27 minutes ago)

pkgsrc bulk build report

NetBSD 5.1/x86_64
Compiler: gcc

Build start: 2014-04-14 14:53
Build end:   2014-04-14 20:29

Full report:
Machine readable version:

Total number of packages:      14254
  Successfully built:          11003
  Failed to build:               246
  Depending on failed package:  2657
  Explicitly broken or masked:   317
  Depending on masked package:    31

Packages breaking the most other packages

Package                               Breaks Maintainer
graphics/MesaLib                        2487

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