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Re: FETCH_USING, removed from pkgsrc HEAD

David Sainty <> writes:

> On 14/02/14 19:03, OBATA Akio wrote:
>> On Thu, 13 Feb 2014 08:40:47 +0900, David Sainty <> 
>> wrote:
>>> tnftp dependencies are a big bootstrapping and updating hassle.  If it
>>> does grow a new dependencies, it'd be nice if there was also something
>>> like a tnftp_basic package that avoids all dependencies (no ncurses, no
>>> openssl), which was then available during bootstrapping to pull down
>>> ncurses and openssl for the full tnftp.
>> Just for notification, "net/tnftp require buitin termcap" issue is
>> resolved.
>> It is regression since converted from "devel/readline/" to
>> "mk/" mechanically.
> Huh, yes that seems to be fixed.
> That reduces the payoff of using a cut-down tnftp_basic, so actually a
> beefed-up tnftp_ssl would be an equally valid approach judged on this
> metric.  I'm not sure which I prefer now :)

I think it's good if /usr/pkg/bin/ftp is capable of all that a user
might expect of it.  https is normal now, so it should support that.

We are talking about a number of platforms, not just NetBSD.  So while
using mk/ is a big improvement, I suspect that it
will result in pulling in readline on some platforms.  So in
tnftp_basic, that needs to be removed as well.

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