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Re: Patterns like >=x.*

 >> 0 bmpx>pwd
 >> /usr/pkgsrc/audio/bmpx
 >> 0 bmpx>make show-depends | grep 'boost-libs>=1'
 >> boost-libs>=1.55.*:../../devel/boost-libs
 >> 0 0 bmpx>
 >> I believe patterns like >=x.* and the like are wrong. Can we avoid them
 >> by checking {BUILD_,}DEPENDS and CONFLICTS at the time of package build?

> That does seem wrong, but it seems more like a job for pkglint.

If such patterns are allowed at build time, than such dependencies must
be somehow processed by binary packages utils (nih, pkgin, pkg_chk etc.)
and bulk build software (pbulk, distbb, pkg_comp). In particular >=x.*
pattern are in our official packages for 2013Q4. This is why I propose
to avoid such patterns as soon as possible.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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