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Removing mk/wrapper/scan -v handling

I'd like to commit this changeset:

The issue is that mk/wrapper/scan discards any additional wrapper
arguments when -v is used.  This has the unfortunate side-effect of
breaking CMake packages which call 'gcc -v' to detect certain compiler
parameters, when using a single system compiler to build different ABI
package sets.

This can be observed in our upstream-trunk32 bulk builds, where
graphics/opencv fails because the system gcc produces 64-bit by
default whereas that package set is ABI=32.

We've been running this for a couple of releases now and haven't
observed any negative fallout, however I'd like to offer it up for
review before committing as there may be corner cases we are not aware

The scan script itself is retained, even though it effectively becomes
a nop, as it is still useful for hooking in certain functions, for
example we use it in these changes:

Those changesets can be discussed separately if they are deemed to be
of general interest.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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