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How to handle "-march=native"?


Today, I tried to run squid-3.4.1nb1 package on NetBSD/amd64
6.1_STABLE and I met a troulbe, squid core dump soon with SIGILL.

Finally, I found some comments about --(disable/enable)-arch-native
option in squid's configure script.

# Clang 3.2 on some CPUs requires -march-native to detect correctly.
# GCC 4.3+ can also produce faster executables when its used.
# But building inside a virtual machine environment has been found to
# cause random Illegal Instruction errors due to mis-detection of CPU.

Yes, I built my package in VMware Fusion.

So, how can I avoid this situation?

1. Avoid "-march=native" with adding --disable-arch-native to

2. Add a PKG_OPTIONS to control addition of --disable-arch-native to

3. Some way to detect machine is running under VM?

For pkgsrc-2013Q4, 1. is handy to solve this problem, but what do you
think it better way?

Best regards.

Takahiro Kambe <>

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