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libtool compiler_lib_search_paths

I've noticed recently that libtool returns strange compiler_lib_search_paths now, that is without the trailing DOT suppressed -- that is, at least on solaris.

For example, with Jonathans gcc 4.7.3 build from the 2013Q2 bits (on illumos) looking in ${LOCALBASE}/bin/libtool:
-R/opt/local/gcc47/i386-sun-solaris2.11/lib/. -R/opt/local/gcc47/lib/."
-R/opt/local/gcc47/i386-sun-solaris2.11/lib/. -R/opt/local/gcc47/lib/."

Looks similar with gcc 4.8.1 on current bits.

This wasn't like that before... certainly not in Q1..

Paths in shared libraries look like the following:
richard@omni1:~$ ldd -d /opt/local/lib/ =>      /opt/local/lib/ =>  /lib/ =>       /lib/ =>      
/opt/local/gcc47/i386-sun-solaris2.11/lib/./ =>  /lib/

Seems ugly and potentially wrong to have DOT in the path above.

Do any other platforms experience this?

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