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Re: Are there ways of bypassing libffi build?

On Tue, 06 Aug 2013 09:44:39 +0900, Paul Ackersviller <> 

The pkgsrc build of devel/libffi is badly broken on ia64-hp-hpux11.31,
but my question is easier than worrying how to fix that just yet.

Since upstream the build is trouble-free here, at least with gcc and
gmake, is there a way I can yell pkgsrc to use one I already have for
dependencies rather than building its own?

Alternatively, would ignoring pkgsrc patches be as simple as just
removing the patch files?

Try to remove patch-* (except patch-a{c,d}) from distfiles.

Could you provide detailed broken information on your platform?

OBATA Akio /

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