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(devel/emacs-ilisp) Re: broken packages for 2013q2

> broken list updated.

| devel/emacs-ilisp         emacs-ilisp               open        2013q1  
|             Seen:         joerg-nbsd-amd64-clang 20130323.2021                
|                           ... ( several lines omitted ) ...
|                           joerg-nbsd-amd64-clang 20130617.0715                
|                           dholland-nbsd-amd64 rolling                         
|             Symbol's value as variable is void: comint-version                
|             appears to be incompatible with emacs24                           

I've made patch to this, and verified on emacs24 and emacs20.

I will commit this first, and will check another emacsen (if I have time).
Thanks a lot,

Also editors/emacs-package will have one point 
(disable tamago to avoid conflict to tamago-anthy).
Makoto Fujiwara

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