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Re: Permit existing users/groups

On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 04:59:49PM +0100, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
 > Currently, if:
 >  * PKG_UID or PKG_GID are specified
 >  * the user/group already exists
 >  * the existing uid/gid do not match PKG_UID/PKG_GID
 > the failure mode is pretty rough, the package will be left in a
 > half-limbo state whilst pkg_add will continue to try installing
 > further packages which fail in weird and wonderful ways.


 > I'd like to fix this, and to also provide a user-defined option which
 > configures how pkg_install should proceed when provided a static
 > uid/gid which conflicts with the existing system.

Well... since in general packages shouldn't provide static uids and
gids, and when they do it's because a defective configure or build
process has compiled in the numbers, it seems to me there's no reason
for configurable behavior here; it should just fail.

If there are packages that do this that specifically cause problems,
we can always try to fix them.

David A. Holland

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