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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/xf86-video-intel


Has anyone successfully run this intel-2.19.0 driver ?
On a G33 gpu, it says "no device found", no matter how I tweak xorg.conf
(NetBSD-current with i915drm at vga).
Everything is fine by just reverting both modular-xorg-server to 1.6 and
xf86-video-intel to 2.7.1 (the versions in pkgsrc before this commit).

I thought that all 'intel' drivers beyond 2.7 (or similar) required KMS and all
that linux stuff... Isn't it true?
I also know that KMS on NetBSD is being actively developed, but until it
reaches -current, is pkgsrc going to drop support for all intel gpu drivers?


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