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Integrating xulrunner into www/firefox


I have found, on xulrunner/firefox-21.0, separating xulrunner from
firefox is not well supported. So some prefs and chrome:// related
errors are occurred and firefox script cannot start.

I hope thunderbird was running on xulrunner, but it seems that
porting thunderbird to common xulrunner is stalled.

I want to integrate xulrunner to firefox like thunderbird or seamonkey.

You may worry about xulrunner for non-firefox, non-thunderbird,
and non-seamonkey xul applications.
You can use firefox binary command with -app option (not described in
firefox --help) or devel/xulrunner for this purpose.
So I will not remove devel/xulrunner, but I have no way to check
the functionality of devel/xulrunner at this moment. :(
Next my check will be done when last beta of firefox-22.0 is released.

If someone want to support xulrunner/firefox separation.
Please send your patches to upstream and here, tech-pkg@ mailing list.

I will update firefox to 21.0 with xulrunner integration tonight (JST) .

Thank you.

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