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imake vs. pkgsrc's LDFLAGS and LIBS

I'm trying to fix build failue of one of my package (x11/xxkb) happened
on Solaris. For this I'm using features framework which set LDFLAGS to
-L/path/to/libnbcompat/library and LIBS to -lnbcompat.  I've already
patched *.c files and now want to pass LDFLAGS and LIBS to Makefile
generated from Imakefile. How to do this correctly?

As far as I can see x11/xsnow uses 

   .include "../../mk/"

   .if !empty(MISSING_FEATURES:Msnprintf)
   IMAKEOPTS+=     -DExtraLibraries=${LIBS:Q}

but I'm not sure this is correct because EXTRA_LIBRARIES can be set by
.cf files. And this is the case on Solaris (-lnls -lsocket from

LOCAL_LDFLAGS also doesn't look like a good solution.

Any help? Is there a universal method for all imake-based software to
pass _additional_ LDLIBS, LDFLAGS (and CFLAGS) to them?

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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