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Re: pkgsrc cross-compilation

> Eventually these should be merged into the guide, but I haven't done
that yet.

Please, do. I understand that documentation is generally low priority;
however, it's very helpful to keep our docs current, for both end users and

> Please let me know if you have any questions or comments

This is really great! Imagine being able to not only cross-compile the OS, but
the packages as well on your super fast amd64/powerpc machine for your slower
and throughput choked arm smartphone. What this will do is enable users to
build their own custom OS and tailor the software to their needs. It will be
very interesting to see where people go with this and how far they take it.

We'll even be able to provide quarterly stable binary packages for the
"slower" platforms much quicker. Excellent work! I was very glad to read this
post. It is a testament to the power of pkgsrc.

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