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Re: kde 4.10

on Sat, 6 Apr 2013 13:39:25 Mark Davies wrote

> Just a note about a couple of issues I've seen with the KDE 4.10.2 I
> committed in case they strike anyone else.
> 1) kactivitymanagerd was very slow and unresponsive leading to a very
> time to log in in kdm and popping up error dialogs. Disabling the plugins

> (possibly just the "Activity ranking" plugin) fixed it.
> System Settings -> Workspace Behavior -> Activities -> plugins
> 2) The panel is not being rendered correctly but only if it is at the
> bottom of the screen - is fine if you place it at either side or the top.
> Also if you create a new panel it is fine at the bottom until you log out
> and in again. No idea what to do about this one but if anyone finds a
> fix...
> cheers
> mark


I had a quick play under NetBSD 6.1_RC3 (i386 on a Lenovo T60). After
remembering to set the open file limit up it came up OK but knotify crashed.
I found that disabling audio notifications fixed the problem. 4.10.2 seems
to be more stable than 4.8.2 and a test of a few applications showed more
work. Kleopatra however just crashed, no core...

I tried to get sound working, phonon shows a default sound device, but
using the test button produces no audio :-( Not sure where the problem
pulseaudio appears to be started OK.

I haven't tried starting kde from kdm. So far starting it with startx I
haven't seen the problem with the panel...


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