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Re: pbulk using tmpfs

On 04/21/13 00:51, iMil wrote:
> Nevertheless, I really wonder what will happen in case of WRKOBJDIR
> being "full", will I just see a "no space left on device"? Will the
> system be able to even run a cleanup? Won't it be then in a state of
> thrashing?

   If you limit the space of the tmpfs, and run into the limitation,
you'll get "no space left on device". A cleanup shouldn't be a problem,
and should recover the memory.

   If you don't limit the space and you run out of memory, the build
will typically fail due to a tool running out of memory. (On my 2GB
machine it used to happen when linking parts of qemu, but that doesn't
happen with recent versions). Back when it used to happen, I could
recover the space using "make clean". (It used vast amounts of memory
while trying to link, and that (freed) memory was more than enough fit
the "make clean" sub-processes).

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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