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Re: pkglint is broken and harmful

Aleksey Cheusov <> writes:

>> In conclusion, the list above is not exclusive. It is long enough to
>> demonstrate that pkglint is at least not ready to be used as a tool to
>> check style of code and/or documentation like DESCR in pkgsrc and at most
>> it should be declared as broken and fixed before entering use at all.
> I strongly disagree with this conclusion. Some of your statements are
> true but I think pkglint is very useful tool. It helped me a lot of
> times. It is just not perfect but the same can be said about any
> software project. I even think that pkglint is one of the best tool even
> created for pkgsrc. Let's stop blaming it and start improving it step by
> step as soon as new problems appears or becomes annoying.

The problem with your disagreement is that you underestimate how pkglint
is presented to developers. You can easily find that some developers lack
critical thinking and treat pkglint as a supreme authority rather than
a mere tool with major defects, and they treat pkglint warnings as orders.


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