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Re: pkgsrc-based Linux distribution

On Wed, 10 Apr 2013, Pierre Pronchery wrote:

> I am curious if anyone has ever tried to build and run a system entirely 
> managed by pkgsrc, typically based on a Linux kernel (or alternatively, 
> with the bare minimum as the base, eg busybox/uclibc).
> Someone just mentioned to me that it might be interesting to run this 
> standalone as a bootable media (CD or USB). I think it could be a nice 
> demonstration project outside of NetBSD.
> Thoughts?

I have. I spent maybe two years working on it.  I packaged every 
standard or essential Linux distro package that wasn't already in pkgsrc 
(or patched to make sure they worked with Linux), including the kernel 
itself, glibc, etc. Many are in pkgsrc proper or pkgsrc-wip. But many 
are out of date. Here is a package list from my last surviving (but 
rarely used) pkgLinux system:

(I promoted my pkglinux in some demos at a Linux conference booth.)

Some more info is at

I never did an installer, so was step by step:

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