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Re: understanding relations between binary packages

"Filip Hajny" <> writes:

> Also note that the boundary between base- and pkgsrc-provided libs may
> vary from user to user too: there are controls that you can use to
> tell pkgsrc which features to use from the base system, and which to
> build from pkgsrc. For instance, at Joyent we configure our pkgsrc
> builds to prefer (almost) everything from pkgsrc, so that there are as
> few dependencies to the base system as possible, even though we could
> re-use things like libz or libbz2 from the base system.

Entirely true, but this will result in NEEDS being in /usr/pkg more than
/usr/lib, so it should be reasonably easy for the analyzer to understand

But your note brings up another point that is perhaps surprising to
those used to Linux: it's relatively normal for people/groups at various
scales to tweak some config variables and do a build of many packages.
I have the impression that in Linux there is no convenient bulk build
mechanism and it's very odd for someone to say rebuild all of Debian
with different compiler flags.

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