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Re: pkgsrc cross-compilation

> The other day I took a whack at making pkgsrc cross-compile packages
> from one CPU architecture to another under NetBSD, from a host of
> NetBSD/amd64 to a target of NetBSD/powerpc, following the notes in
> doc/HOWTO-crosscompile-xorg.

Please have a look at

This is rather long thread mostly with only two participants, me and
Greg Troxel.

In short

- cross compilation in pkgsrc is incomplete and have some fundamental
- I proposed a solution -- introduction of new variables for separating
  target and build host dependencies. I also provided initial patch
  for this. Here it is (in the end of the message).
- I also adapted distbb for running "cross" bulk builds and did some
  test runs for sparc64 architecture.
  distbb builds both build host and target host dependencies
  are built when necessary.

At that time me and Greg had some minor disagreements but I think we
were very close to concensus. I was too busy (or lazy) to complete this
work (documentation, for example) and discussion with Greg.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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