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heads up: ghostscript

ghostscript has been rearranged so there are now ghostscript-gpl and
ghostscript-agpl packages. If you don't like the GNU AGPL, as many
people don't, the previous GPL package is ghostscript-gpl. If you
don't care, ghostscript-agpl is the newest.

I think I updated everything that depends on ghostscript, but I may
have missed something or broken some of them. If problems crop up, let
me know or file a PR (as usual).

Many of those packages could use further attention but the amount of
time I have before the quarterly freeze is very limited. :-/

Note: I did *not* bump the PKGREVISION of things that use ghostscript
via the tools framework. It is probable that someone should hunt down
everything that creates a runtime dependency on one of the ghostscript
tools (that is, USE_TOOLS+=gs:run, etc.) and bump those packages, but
so far I haven't done it.

If I messed up anything else or did it all wrong, please let me know
and/or just fix it.

David A. Holland

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