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Re: Removing security/py-ssh

On 02/20/2013 01:45 PM, Guillaume Lasmayous wrote:
Le 20/02/2013 00:14, Greg Troxel a écrit :
Guillaume Lasmayous <> writes:


I'd like to remove security/py-ssh in the coming days.
I committed it when it was a dependency for sysutils/fabric.
Now that fabric has moved back to using security/py-paramiko, I don't see
any reason to keep py-ssh around.

Any objections to removing it ?
I don't really understand the details, so my standard questions:

Are you saying that no user should reasonably want to use py-ssh?  Is it
basically deprecated, with a dead upstream, and everyone useing it
should use paramiko instead?  Just because a library-ish package has no
depending packages in pkgsrc is not a good enough reason to remove

Of course, if you no longer want to maintain it, that's solely your

Yes, basically, upstream declared py-ssh dead, pushing everybody
to use paramiko instead.

As stated on the github page (
"This library started life as a fork of Paramiko but has now been
fully been merged back upstream.
As such, 'ssh' is defunct and will receive no future releases or
attention: please change your dependencies back to Paramiko,
and file any feature requests or bugfixes over on Paramiko's tracker."



I removed it yesterday.


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