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I have uncommitted changes to move editors/emacs to editors/emacs23;
this has been hanging around far too long and I'd like to get it all

To do this, editors/emacs needs to become a meta-package (depending on
${EMACS_TYPE}) so doing "cd editors/emacs && make install" works and
so pkg_rr and other tools will DTRT.

This in turn requires that the emacs packages' PKGNAMEs be changed to
include the major version (emacs20, emacs21, etc.) so the meta-package
can be called just "emacs".

Because this is invasive I've been avoiding doing it for some time and
looking for ways to do it incrementally; I've more or less come to the
conclusion that this won't work and it all needs to be done at once,
and I think the best thing to do is just do it.

Unless there are sudden loud objections I am going to do this the next
time I get some uninterrupted hacking time.

Note that all the emacs packages will still conflict with one another
(they all install /usr/pkg/bin/emacs) -- fixing that and allowing the
use of pkg_alternatives or whatever is a separate, and not small,

I would also like to improve multiversion support for elisp packages,
but I think that too can be postponed.

Comments? (flames?)

David A. Holland

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