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Re: net/openvpn23 ? (Emmanuel Dreyfus) writes:

> Greg Troxel <> wrote:
>> Can you explain why this is preferred to updating net/openvpn to 2.3?
>> Is 2.3 unstable, or do lots of people need 2.2, or ?
> Last time I checked it was only release candidate software, but I see it
> has hit final 2.3.0 elease in the meantime, therefore we probably need
> to replace.

Updating net/openvpn sounds like the best plan, then; having multiple
versions is extra work.  (Presumably you are running 2.3 on netbsd at
least and know that it works ok.)

> One minor issue: plugins used to be in /usr/pkg/lib/nagios/ and they are
> now in /usr/pkg/lib/nagios/plugins/ 

nagios-{base/plugins} should define a standard place within ${PREFIX}
for plugins.  As Hubert points out, nagios-plugins does define that, and
a quick 'egrep check_ nagios-plugin*/PLIST*" shows that all plugin
packages use that directory.  So any new plugin packages should put the
plugins there as well.  Perhaps Makefile.common should define a variable
for this, to avoid it being open-coded so many times.

If that's not what upstream nagios does, we can talk about changing, but
libexec/nagios follows the logical extension of hier(7) to ${PREFIX}.

> How shall we handle the migration?
> - use the old directory?
> - move plugins at pkg_add time?
> - just have a MESSAGE about it?

Can you explain this notion of migration?  The line setting libexecdir
to libexec/nagios in nagios-base/Makefile.common was last changed on
2006-02-18.  Or do you mean upstream's defaults, when not given
--libexecdir, have changed?

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