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Re: Review wanted: euca2ools package

Le 03/02/13 18:42, Hubert Feyrer a écrit :
playing with ansible, its "ec2" module came to my attention: it is
intended to manage virtual machines in Amazon's EC2 cloud. The idea is
that you describe a system with the property "needs to run in Amazon's
cloud", and ansible then starts the machine if it isn't there already.
In order to get to the point where this can be played with, a working
version of the euca2ools package was required first.

Here it is, please send your comments to me:

Core usage is:
% euca-run-instances -t t1.micro -k eucaHF ami-7fc3c30b
% ssh -i key-eucaHF.pem -l root

More information on using the package is here:

Thanks in advance for your comments!

Great to have an alternative to the ruby/java dependencies for the ec2-api/ec2-ami packages (especially java, meh).

Looking forward to have it available via pkgsrc; you can take this comment as a compliment from the ec2-ami/api maintainer :)

Do you know whether ansible provides a more human-friendly output than the one similar to Amazon tools? I find the output rather painful to parse via awk, and XML is way too complicated to my taste for grepping/awking VMs information.


Jean-Yves Migeon

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