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Re: Rename devel/swig2 PKGBASE to swig2?

On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 10:12:17AM -0500, Greg Troxel wrote:
 > > I found that some my packages are failed to bulk build
 > > because swig-2.x will be mis-installed as build dependency,
 > > try to exec `swig', but only `swig2' exists.
 > >
 > > How about rename devel/swig2 PKGBASE to swig2?
 > > swig1 and swig2 does not conflict.
 > Or, let swig2 install 'swig', and make everything depend on swig2,
 > unless it's so out of date that it needs swig1.

swig2 installs 'swig2' on its own, so that should probably be left

We should be trying to work towards a more consistent handling of
packages-with-multiple-versions, and I think in general we should try
to use different PKGBASEs when we have multiple versions of things in
pkgsrc, so I think the initial suggestion is a good idea.

We need to do this for emacs as well (so the packages are called
emacs20, emacs21, emacs22, etc.) but it's kind of a mess and so far I
haven't found a way to pull one end of the tangle without having to do
everything all at once. (That is, change PKGBASE, move the emacs23
package, provide an emacs meta-package, add multiversion support,

David A. Holland

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