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Re: bulk-*

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 9:26 PM, David Holland
<> wrote:
> Well, the immediate issue is that I put all three versions of Rails in
> bulk-large, and they conflict with one another, so bulk-large can't
> itself be built. This does not particularly hamper its use as a pbulk
> target; it's only an annoyance.

If partial _bulk builds_ is the only purpose of bulk-*, I'd say
they are more useless than useful. distbb is able to run partial bulk
builds taking
a list of packages on input, e.g. distbb -f ~/favourite_packages.
I don't know about pbulk, though. distbb is also capable of reordering
packages to build.
Normally, I use this feature in order to minimal total time in case of
builds (heavier [including dependents] packages first!).

So, if we represent small/medium/large package lists as plain text files,
we'll be able to build them for slow architectures.

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