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Re: Call for testers: OpenSSL 1.0.1c

"Jonathan Perkin" <> writes:

> One change from the current package which may possibly bite people is
> the removal of MD2 to follow the default OpenSSL configuration.  I
> note that NetBSD's 1.0.1c retains MD2 support, and I'd be interested
> in feedback as to whether I should do the same in pkgsrc.

Without thinking much, it seems that pkgsrc should follow base, but
perhaps base should change.

What's the rationale for dropping md2?  It seems like the code could not
be big, and the question is whether the memory usage hurts more than the
benefit of any use.  Is the use of md2 really zero (rather than rare)
these days?  It seems like it should be, but things live on longer than
they should.

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