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Re: pam-saml/cy2-saml -lpthread and NetBSD 6.0

Christos Zoulas <> wrote:

> | That means that dlopen() would ignore and carry on,
> | instead of considering it fatal and return an error?  That would solve a
> | lot of problems, IMO.
> I think so.

I gave it a try: in _rtld_load_needed_objects() if I discover an object
has NOLOAD, I remove it from the list so that it is silently not loaded

But that breaks in the following scenatio:
- program foo is not linked with -lpthread, it does not use thread
- libbar is linked with libbuz, it does not use threads
- libbuz is linked with -lpthread but neither foo nor libbar use
trhead-related stuff in libbuz.

dlopen("libbar",RTLD_NOW) still fails with my change, because in
_rtld_relocate_objects(), we break here when resolving now missing
libpthread references in libbuz:

                dbg(("doing lazy PLT binding"));
                if (_rtld_relocate_plt_lazy(obj) < 0)
                        ok = 0;
                if (obj->z_now || bind_now) {
                        dbg(("doing immediate PLT binding"));
                        if (_rtld_relocate_plt_objects(obj) < 0)
                                ok = 0;

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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