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pkgsrccon 2013 invitation (March 23rd 2013)

Hi all,

the pkgsrccon 2013 is a technical conference for people working on the
NetBSD packages collection pkgsrc. It will be held on the 23rd of March in
Berlin, the capital of Germany, close to the railway main station in
It is meant to be a conference; but as the room is reserved from Friday, 15h
to Sunday, 19h, and can be kept open 24h, there will be enough time for your
individual program or having a small hackathon once we have several developers
in the same room.
The conference site features a fridge, a kitchen and three rooms, two of them
equipped with a beamer.

The targeted audience is pkgsrc hackers, but there might as well be some
interested locals or other developers attending as well.

As the talk submission phase just started, there is no detailed plan for the
talks. But the general plan is to have a diner on Friday evening, talks and
maybe breakfast on Saturday and diner on Saturday evening *or* ordering Pizza
and having a hacking session and lounge at the conference site.
If you have further ideas what to do, the conference site could be opened on
Sunday as well.

So we need YOU to come and hold your talk or workshop. If you want to hold a
talk, please mail us at
with a short description and expected durance of your talk before March 8th
(though the earlier you tell us, the better it is).

The conference is for free. However, you have to pay for drinks (1 Euro per
0.33/0.5l bottle) and food or bring your own one.

If you want to sponsor the conference such that we can provide free drinks,
snacks and maybe even T-Shirts, please get in touch with us via

Though registration is not required, the event site has only limited space.
So telling us if you come, and if so, when, would make planning much easier.

You can find further informations (especially travel and hotel informations)
on the website at:

If you are uncertain, or need help with the hotel or travel, feel free to
contact us.

Regards, Julian

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