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Re: Freeze question - PyGreSQL

"D'Arcy J.M. Cain" <> writes:

> Are we still in the freeze?  Is it too late to update


> databases/py-postgresql to version 4.1?  The release announcement is
> being put out later today or early tomorrow but everything is packaged
> up and ready to go.

It depends - is this a leaf package?  The point of the 'no changes to
non-leaf packages' notion is that such changes trigger a rebuild of many
packages in bulk builds, and these builds are what tells us what's wrong
and what needs to be fixed.  So without a low-churn situation, it's hard
to ensure overall quality, even if the churn-causing updates are
themselves 100% correct.

(And are you sure 4.1 is ok (and builds on all platforms where the
previous builds, more or less), and users are better served with it vs
the previous?  That depends on a lot of things not immediately apparent
to people not really familiar with py-postgresql, but it sounds like you
are perhaps the one of us who is familiar).

> Would it be a good idea to add a quick note, possibly as a news item,
> when we enter the freeze?  That would make it easy to answer my first
> question without bothering the list.

/usr/pkgsrc/doc > egrep freeze CHANGES-2012 CHANGES-2013       
CHANGES-2012:   mk/ freeze ended for pkgsrc-2011Q4 branch [agc 
CHANGES-2012:   mk/ started freeze for pkgsrc-2012Q1 branch [wiz 
CHANGES-2012:   mk/ freeze ended for pkgsrc-2012Q1 branch [wiz 
CHANGES-2012:   Updated lang/py-cxfreeze to 4.2.3 [obache 2012-05-22]
CHANGES-2012:   mk/ freeze ended for pkgsrc-2012Q2 branch [agc 
CHANGES-2012:   Updated archivers/freeze to 2.5nb3 [cheusov 2012-09-08]
CHANGES-2012:   mk/ started freeze for pkgsrc-2012Q3 branch [wiz 
CHANGES-2012:   mk/ freeze ended for pkgsrc-2012Q3 branch [wiz 
CHANGES-2012:   mk/ freeze started for pkgsrc-2012Q4 branch [agc 

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