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Re: pthreads and the pkgsrc build environment

Benny Siegert <> writes:

> Am 26.11.2012 21:09 schrieb "Greg Troxel" <>:
>>   I think it's a bug that within pkgsrc, 'cc -pthread' succeeds when
>>   (the wrapper) is executed during a build of a package that has not
>>   declared a dependency on pthreads.  Rather than working, the call
>>   should error out, just as linking a library that is not bl3'd in to
>>   the package will fail.
>> Opinions?
> I am against this, as it would lead to a lot of churn for no good reason.
> Probably more than half of pkgsrc would likely break with such a change.

Do you mean that you believe half of the packages add -pthread to
compile flags (based on some autoconf test) but do not have a manifest
dependency on pthreads, and thus would not compile?  I find that
surprising; I'd guess the number is far smaller.

I ran ldd on /usr/pkg/lib/*.so, and found 289 of 565 needed pthreads.  I
don't know how many needed threads in their own right.

> I would rather see the pkcs11-helper package fixed instead.

By 'fixed', do you mean having "CONFIGURE_ARGS += --disable-threading",
more or less?  Or something else?

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