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Re: pkg_add problem with nosuid on /var

On 17/11/12 05:06, David Holland wrote:
On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 09:01:56AM -0500, Julio Merino wrote:
  > > Some of us believe that /var data should be kept in /var.
  > That's obviously fine, except for the fact that pkgdb is not /var data.

Yes, it is. It's mutable operational state that's not configuration.

It's mutable only in the same sense that all package-installed files are :) It only changes if other not-so-obviously-mutable directories like /usr/pkg/bin change too.

I too use PKG_DBDIR=${PREFIX}/pkgdb in order to manage multiple installation roots, for live, rollback, and upcoming.

I also think it makes more sense for sharing one read-only /usr/pkg build between multiple Xen VMs - something I want to play with but haven't yet, but it would potentially complicate the VARBASE story...

So far I have kept just one VARBASE. This works ok in general, and terribly for tex-* :) So far there are few packages where ${PREFIX}/var would be a bad thing, and the ones that matter (E.g. postgresql) either do or could grow their own ${PGHOME} that places the database in the same place for all ${PREFIX}s.

Oh, and as far as the original "noexec" problem goes, is there any reason not to run "+DEINSTALL" as ${SH} "+DEINSTALL"? (thus avoiding any need for executable bits)

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