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Re: Does this match one of our standard licenses?

On Wed, 31 Oct 2012 07:59:06 -0400
Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> I put this in ../A, and then did:
> for i in `ls /usr/pkgsrc/licenses`; do wdiff
> -3 /usr/pkgsrc/licenses/$i ../A > $i; done
> and then ls -lS, which showed postgresql-license to be closest, and

Makes sense.  I probably copied it from them in the first place since
the package was originally distributed as part of PostgreSQL.  I
modified the license to be even closer.

> the diff follows.   The wording is slightly different, but 'any new
> file that contains substantial portion of this file' is ordinarily
> viewed as a copy (or derivative work).  So this just barely meets my
> comfort level for not objecting to you calling it the same.

I removed that part.

> Further, it seems odd that postgresql-license has a -license suffix,
> since it's obviously intended to be a free license and is OSI
> approved:

I agree but that's a rototill for another day.

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