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Where does lrint get changed to lrintl?

I have asked this question on the FreeSWITCH mailing list but perhaps
it is more of a NetBSD question.

In libs/spandsp/src/spandsp/saturated.h around line 129 there is a line
that calls "lrint(damp)".  This generates the following error on NetBSD:

libs/spandsp/src/spandsp/saturated.h:129:5: error: implicit declaration
of function 'lrintl'

I can't find any reference to lrintl in the FreeSWITCH sources and
nothing in the NetBSD include trees that would do the substitution.
Looks like FreeBSD has the same confusion.  This is from the ports

# FreeBSD 7 doesn't have lrintl, but lrint will do the trick just fine
# It's quite cryptic as to why the reinplace doesn't work; there's no
mention # of lrintl anywhere in any source....
.if ${OSVERSION} < 800012
BROKEN= Requires lrintl, which is not present on FreeBSD 7 

Anyone here have any idea where this substitution is happening?

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