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pkg/47035 please remove one colon so that xine-lib and thus kde4 can build on DragonFly

The problem discussed in pkg/47035 is that one colon creates an empty
list of clobbered registers in multimedia/xine-lib
src/post/planar/eq2.c, breaking the build of xine-lib on DragonFly,
and thus breaking the build of kde-runtime4, and thus breaking the
build of kde4.  This problem appears to exist not only in
pkgsrc-current but in pkgsrc-2012Q3.  I do not represent the DragonFly
project in any manner, but it is evident that with DragonFly 3.2 being
planned for release within weeks, a completely preventable debacle is
imminent with one of the few remaining working major desktops not even
able to be built.

The solution to pkg/47035 is presented in a subsequent reply.  The
original patch that broke the build of xine-lib on DragonFly was
apparently inserted only to unbreak the build on NetBSD.

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